Consulting & Implementation for a large Digital Infrastructure Company


We had the privilege of completing a Salesforce delivery project for a significant digital infrastructure company. The scope of work involved extensive planning, design, customization, and testing. Our team deployed various Salesforce modules to address their sales, marketing, and customer service needs accurately. We ensured that the implementation was in line with the client’s specifications while providing them with best practices to improve user adoption and return on

investment. Our efforts resulted in increased efficiency throughout their processes, integration with other business software systems and improved visibility of critical data through reports and dashboards.

Effective communication among our team members is essential while managing different aspects of the project such as timelines, issues management and change control resulted in its successful completion by meeting all targets within the given time frame.


Our client has shown great satisfaction upon experiencing enhanced performance within their sales organization due to seamless process flow across departments based on integrated Salesforce CRM platform.

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