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Unlocking Innovation, Powering Progress: Your Partner in Offshore Intelligence, Consulting, and Staffing Excellence.

Driving Success Through Intelligence, Innovation, and Expertise

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We offer a dynamic culture of collaboration and high performance. Our values shape the culture of our organization and define the character of our company. The culture of equality is our ethics.

The Argus Consulting Network is committed to driving societal change and promoting environmental sustainability. We are always prepared to serve with high integrity, quality and levels of professional behavior. Every day, our employees work to make an impact that matters.

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Consulting & Strategy Services

Unlocking Growth Potential: Our Consulting & Strategy Services Provide Insightful Guidance and Transformative Solutions for Your Business SuccessRead more... 

Expert Services

Staff augmentation Services with skill sets of all major SaaS products, ServiceNow, DevOps, Java and full stack technologies. Read more...

Offshore Intelligence Center

Elevate Your Business with Offshore Intelligence Center that we build harnessing Global Talent & driving Local SuccessRead more...

Corporate & Technology Training Services
Technology Trainings on cloud technologies provided by expert Trainers. We also offer corporate Jump start trainings. Read more...

Other Services

Case Studies

Our organization provided expert services and staff augmentation for a large IT company, delivering exceptional talent and expertise to bolster their technical capabilities. Our team of skilled professionals deeply understood the client's requirements, expectations, and unique challenges in addressing complex IT projects that require specific skillsets that they already possess. We ensured that our staff […]

We had the privilege of completing a Salesforce delivery project for a significant digital infrastructure company. The scope of work involved extensive planning, design, customization, and testing. Our team deployed various Salesforce modules to address their sales, marketing, and customer service needs accurately. We ensured that the implementation was in line with the client's specifications […]

    We successfully executed a Salesforce Implementation Program for a Field Service Company, improving their productivity and streamlining their operations. The program involved customizing the platform to meet the company's specific needs, including creating standardized processes for scheduling, work orders, and billing. We also integrated field service personnel into the system, enabling them to […]

Technologies:Integration, Salesforce

About us

Argus people

At our organization, our mission is centered around delivering exceptional services to our clients by leveraging the best work experiences and expertise in engineering. We recognize that each project comes with its own unique set of challenges, which is why we make it a priority to provide customized solutions tailored to meet specific client needs.

Our team of skilled and experienced engineers works collaboratively alongside other professionals to develop innovative solutions that are not only practical but also through constant innovation and improvement, we strive to maintain the highest standards in our field. At the heart of our mission lies an unwavering commitment to providing unmatched service quality that meets or exceeds client expectations.


Strong & Professional Technical Team

“Strong team that worked hard, worked to get it right the first time for the client and always looking to bring the best of Argus to the engagement. Argus’s good quality resources had been able to get complex work completed based on business value & prioritisation. The team led multiple deployments and worked to resolve… Read more “Strong & Professional Technical Team”

Consistently delivering high-quality work

“By consistently delivering high-quality work and prioritising the client’s business goals, Argus team was able to establish trust and long-term relationships with us and our clients. This, in turn, led to repeat business and referrals, further solidifying Argus’s position as a leader in their field. The team’s dedication to excellence and commitment to delivering value-added… Read more “Consistently delivering high-quality work”

Unwavering focus on the client’s needs

“The success of Argus can be attributed to their unwavering focus on the client’s needs and goals. By understanding the unique challenges faced by each client, the team is able to tailor their approach and deliver customised resourcing solutions that drive results. This level of personalised service has earned them a reputation as a trusted… Read more “Unwavering focus on the client’s needs”


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We are headquartered in Noida, India with our operations in the USA, Singapore and Canada

iThum, Noida, India
+91 963 963 61 61
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Argus Consulting - SIC Code 7372 - NAICS Code 511210 - Profile at SICCODE.com

Argus Consulting - SIC Code 7372 - NAICS Code 511210 - Profile at SICCODE.com
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+91 963 963 61 61
iThum, Noida, India
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